How to find your Android IMEI

If you ever have to ask the manufacturer or your operator to repair your smartphone, you will probably be asked for your Android IMEI in order to verify if the device is still under warranty or if you have to be charged for the service. Considering that it is a technical detail about your smartphone, you may fear that it going to require a lot of skill to find the Android IMEI; fortunately for you, it is not the case: you need to follow few simple steps to find your Android IMEI.

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Create PDF/A document with LibreOffice

Have you been asked to provide a particular document not only in PDF format, but specifically in PDF/A? You are in luck as you can easily create PDF/A with LibreOffice.

As you probably know, PDF is a standard for encoding documents that is portable between systems. Then, if you are wondering how PDF/A differs from “conventional” PDF, according to Wikipedia:

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Play H265/HEVC videos with VLC on Ubuntu

VLC is a multimedia player so versatile that it can virtually open any multimedia file available … but, as you may guess, that “virtually” actually imply that there IS a limit.

For example if you try to play a video encoded in HEVC (also known as H.265 and MPEG-H Part 2) with VLC on Ubuntu, you will get the following error:

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