Search images by exact size on Google Images

If you are a long user of Google Images, you know that there was an option to search by exact size on Google Images; the option was accessible by clicking on “Tools” under the search bar and then “Size”.

Unfortunately the option has been removed by the “Size” menu and it has been replaced by generic “Any size”, “Large”, “Medium”, and “Icon”; that does not help if you need a specific size for your creative project.

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Disable cookies in major browsers

With all the fuss lately concerning privacy, from hacked sites to social networks selling data, it is only reasonable to be anxious with our privacy. One radical way to protect it is to disable cookies in our browsers.
Of course keep in mind that cookies are not always used to track and profile users, but actually they are often necessary for the legitimate technical function of their respective sites and if you totality disable them, those site may stop working correctly. Therefore use this guide with caution (and if you encounter problems just follow it again, but reverting the relative settings).

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