Disable cookies in major browsers

With all the fuss lately concerning privacy, from hacked sites to social networks selling data, it is only reasonable to be anxious with our privacy. One radical way to protect it is to disable cookies in our browsers.

Of course keep in mind that cookies are not always used to track and profile users, but actually they are often necessary for the legitimate technical function of their respective sites and if you totality disable them, those site may stop working correctly. Therefore use this guide with caution (and if you encounter problems just follow it again, but reverting the relative settings).

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Configure Skype to use the PulseAudio microphone

Skype doesn’t require much presentations as it is the top application to make calls between computers and from computers to regular phones; what many probably do not know is that Skype is available also for Linux and it works well … for the most parts.

If you are using a modern version of any major Linux distribution and you have problems using the microphone, you can use the following steps to configure Skype to use the PulseAudio microphone.

Skype for Linux

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Protect your privacy while using Google Chrome

Nowadays we spend a lot of time on the Internet and we are so used to rely on it for many daily task that we often don’t realize how frequently we transmit sensitive information (private corporate URLS, home banking credentials, credit card number for e-commerce purchases, etc.) around the net. If those information were only sent to the target site (the bank web site, the e-commerce site, etc.), it wouldn’t be a problem since the communication is usually encrypted, but we often forget that before sending those information we have to write them on our browser interface and due to some, otherwise useful but that in this case nasty, features (like using on-line dictionaries for spell-checking), the browser may inadvertently share them with third party services. This guide will show you how to protect your privacy while using Google Chrome.

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