Recover WiFi passwords on Android without root

If you had your Android phone for a while, you surely have many WiFi connections saved and you are used to have your phone connect to them automatically. But what if you are moving to a new phone? Or you have to give the password of your WiFi to someone else? Do you remember it? You probably have many WiFi passwords on your Android phone that you don’t remember. Well …  you are out of luck. 🙁

Unfortunately this is the first (and hopefully only for a long while) non-guide; I call it “non-guide” because simply trying to Recover WiFi passwords on an Android phone without root it is impossible. I am making this guide only as a testimony as many try to find a way and there are many “guides” out there that claim it is possible, but … they are wrong.

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How to find your Android IMEI

If you ever have to ask the manufacturer or your operator to repair your smartphone, you will probably be asked for your Android IMEI in order to verify if the device is still under warranty or if you have to be charged for the service. Considering that it is a technical detail about your smartphone, you may fear that it going to require a lot of skill to find the Android IMEI; fortunately for you, it is not the case: you need to follow few simple steps to find your Android IMEI.

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Configure Windows to support UTC clock

If you configured your computer to dual boot between Windows and Linux and you don’t live under the GMT time zone, you may have noticed that the time under Linux is always off and if you attempt to correct it, it will be off under Windows. The problem is that Windows expects the BIOS time to be set directly to your local time while Linux expects it to be set to UTC and correct it for your time zone on run time (be sure that Linux has the correct time zone). To fix this problem you have to configure Windows to support UTC clock.
UTC is the French (become worldwide popular) abbreviation of “Coordinated Universal Time” and it is the primary time standard by which the world regulates clocks and time and it is the most popular successors to the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). Like to GMT, to calculate your local time you need to take the UTC time and add your time zone difference and eventually the daylight saving time difference if your nation follow it and it is summertime.

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