Install and run World of Warcraft on Linux

While for most of the Windows software you can find an alternative program that run natively in Linux, for the game market is not so easy especially since it is more prone to the need to run exactly that game title and not a similar game.

Many games software houses are starting to follow the lead of idSoftware in making the games cross platform, but unfortunately we are still far from having all the games ported to any (major at least) platforms.

So here it is my guide on how to install and run World of Warcraft on a Linux distribution.

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Knights of the Old Republic’s Hints

WARNING: this is a very old article I wrote for an old website of mine; I merely adjusted the formating to adapt it to this WordPress blog, but I have not updated its content (not even eventual grammatical and logic errors — English is not my main language 😀 ).


I hope you can find this mini-guide useful. It just contains some hints and tips about KOTOR and it isn’t a full walkthrough. Also I am not trying to illustrate the best ways to create your character and play the game, since I’m still not experienced enough on KOTOR and also because the best character/game play depends on your taste. 🙂

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