Increase the camera distance in Star Wars: The Old Republic

Do you play Star Wars: The Old Republic and you are not happy with the limited camera distance? There is a way to increase it beyond the limit offered by the game configuration window.

First, make sure the Star Wars: The Old Republic is NOT open since the following file you are going to change may be in use and therefore reverted back once you close the game.
Then you need to access the AppData folder: click “Start“, then “Run” and then type “C:\Users\[YourProfileName]\AppData\Local\” (this is the location for Windows 7 and Vista; if you still use Windows XP you have to run “shell:Local AppData” without quote); when the folder is open, go to the subdirectory “SWTOR\swtor\settings” and find the file called “[YourLoginName]_Account.ini” (for example if your login name is DarthExample then the file will be called “DarthExample_Account.ini“) and open it.
Look for the following line (if it doesn’t exist, just add it):
Controls_CameraMaxDistance = 25.0
That value of 25 correspond to the 100% camera distance on Star Wars: The Old Republic’s UI settings; any new value will correspond to the proportion to that 25, so for example if you change the value to 50 it will correspond to 200% max camera distance.
You can change the value to whatever you want, but make sure to keep it as decimal number (so with the .0 at the end) otherwise the game may crash.
Then save the file and start up the game. Now you can set the camera to a more distant prospective.