How to Legally Download Windows Installation CDs

How many of you experienced the following scenario? Suddenly your computer or laptop is unable to boot up because some how Windows got corrupted (an update installation gone wrong, a virus, or anything else); you attempt to boot from the restore partition, but it fails or freezes up because either the main partition (where the not-working Windows reside) got screwed up and the restore program cannot recognize it or, even worst, the restore partition got screwed up as well. Fortunately there is a way out: you can legally download legit copies of Windows installation CDs that you can use to restore your system.

Unfortunately in the last few years, in order to save money, many computer manufacturers stopped offering the free restore CDs bundled with the computer you purchased, but they expect you to either generate the CDs yourself on the first few days of using the new computer or to buy them separately from them; unfortunately many users do not know/remember about the first option and they are unwilling to spend money for the second option and end up to be stuck on the above scenario. It is then very nice to be able to download Windows CDs legally.

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Disable the automatic reboot after a Windows update

One of the most frustrating aspects of Microsoft Windows is the automatic reboot after an important update. It is especially infuriating when you left the PC with a big download or a lengthy task ongoing and you return to find the login screen and your download/task interrupted.

Eventually, on the latest Windows versions, Microsoft implemented a prompt window that ask you if you want to delay the reboot:

Microsoft Windows - delay update
But often it is not enough since it doesn’t offer the option to postpone the reboot indefinitely, but only for a specified time between 10 minutes and 4 hours, and more importantly it stays up only for a limited time and then, if it doesn’t get any input (that it may happen if you already left the PC), it takes the initiative to reboot the PC.

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