How To Change Timezone on a Linux server

If you are renting a, or hosting your own, Linux server with a major service provider, chance are that it is hosted on a data center on a different time zone than you work/live.

For the most part it isn’t an impairment on using the service, but one of the few inconveniences is the extra attention that you must pay when you are doing some activity that involve dates, like setting a cron job or analyzing the logs and matching them to the activities you made. This inconvenience is caused by the fact that usually the server time is set on the local time of the data center where it resides and not your place of work or house.

One solution of this inconvenience is to change the timezone setting on the Linux server to match your.

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How to fix the Heartbleed bug on your Linux Server

In the last few days a serious bug, nicknamed Heartbleed, has been found in the cryptographic software library OpenSSL.

This bug allows any ill-intentioned hacker to read the memory of the systems with the vulnerable versions of the OpenSSL software installed; with this kind of access an attacker can read the secret keys used to encrypt the traffic to the server including the usernames and passwords of the users and the actual content.

Fortunately only the 1.0.1 series (up to 1.0.1f) and 1.0.2-beta series (up to 1.0.2-beta1) of OpenSSL are affected by the Heartbleed bug.

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