Enable the Quick Launch Bar on the taskbar of Windows 7

Now that the official support for Microsoft Windows XP is almost over, it is time for those people that still use it to upgrade to a new computer and since Windows 8.X has not been very popular in term of interface “upgrade”, Microsoft Windows 7 may be a good choice.

One feature that Windows XP had, but that Windows 7 does not longer offer by default is the “Quick Launch Bar”; technically it has been replaced by “Pin to taskbar”, but it does not provide the same “experience” to the user too used to the XP’s “Quick Launch Bar”.

To add the “Quick Launch Bar” back, first check if the taskbar is locked by right-click on an open area and eventually unselect “Lock the taskbar”.

 Windows 7 - Lock the taskbar

Then right-click on an open area of the taskbar and choose Toolbars -> New Toolbar.

Windows 7 - New toolbar

Now you should be prompted to select a folder to be connected to the new toolbar. Copy and paste the following:
%appdata%\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch

By default Windows 7 will place the “Quick Launch Bar” all the way on the right so, if you want to place it elsewhere you will have to drag it (clicking on the dotted lines) where you want it.

As you can see, the “Quick Launch Bar” is showing some text while on XP it did not; to disable it right-click on the dotted lines and uncheck “Show Text” and “Show Title” from the menu.

Windows 7 - Show Text

Once you are satisfied about its position, “Lock the taskbar” by following the first step illustrated above.

And now you have the “Quick Launch Bar” back.