Access Linux partitions from Windows

If on Linux you can access the files in Windows without any problem, the same can not be said to the contrary. But there is a way to access Linux partitions from Windows thanks to Explore2fs.

Access Linux partition from Windows

If you prefer to use a dual-boot system or you need it because of some software developed only for Windows (you may try to run Windows software on Linux with Wine) you will eventually find yourself in the situation of needing to access files stored in the partition of the opposite operative system you are actually running.
On Linux it is relatively easy to read and write data on Windows partitions because the Penguin natively supports the file systems FAT and NTFS, but the opposite, accessing data on the Linux partition from Windows, is not immediate because Microsoft operating systems do not support Linux partitions (like Ext4, Ext3 or Ext2).
Fortunately there is a third-party tool that can help you to access Linux partitions from Windows: Explore2fs.
First you need to download Explore2fs and then run the downloaded executable; it will ask where do you want to extract the program.
Open the folder where you extracted Explore2fs and launch explore2fsPE.exe; you should get a windows like the following:
Access Llinux partition from Windows
Explore2fs use a fairly standard file manager interface so I am sure you can easily navigate through its options.