How to Convert VMware files to VirtualBox Vdi format

If you use virtualization software like Vmware or VirtualBox, you know that around the web there are many pre-built virtual machines available to download and use for free (often from the OS vendors in case of testing versions for new releases their OS).
An annoying issue about those pre-built virtual machines is that often they are built just for Vmware since it is more popular than VirtualBox, and if you are a user of the later you are sitting duck.
But fortunately there is a solution.

First, open a terminal or the command prompt if you are under Windows; in the later case move to “C:Program FilesSunxVM VirtualBox”.
Then run the command
VBoxManage clonehd source.vmdk output.vdi --format VDI
Where for “source.vmdk” you should input the file name (and eventually the path) of the original VMware file and for “output.vdi” the name (and eventually the path) of the VirtualBox file.
Easy, isn’t it?