How to Transfer iPhone iCloud Contacts to Android

You had an iPhone for years and want to switch to Andorid for your next smartphone? I bet that your first concern is how to migrate your data from one device to the other.
The migration may seems a daunting task, but for at least the contacts it can be accomplished easily.
The following guide assumes that you have backed up your Apple iPhone contacts on iCloud and you plan to use your main Google account on your future Android phone.
To export the contacts from Apple iCloud to your Google account:

  1. Go to< and login with your Apple ID and password;
  2. Click on your contacts;
  3. On the bottom left, click the “settings” gear icon;
  4. Select “Export vCard”;
  5. Save the file on a desired location;
  6. Go to;
  7. Login with your Google e-mail and password;
  8. Click “More” at the top and select “Import”;
  9. Select the vCard file you exported.

Once you have completed this procedure, all of your contacts will be copied into your Google account and when you will login into your Google account from an Android device will automatically get them.